As you and your fiancé dream of the perfect wedding day, picture yourselves standing hand in hand, surrounded by majestic mountains on a pristine, lush green lawn with all of your closest friends and family in witness of the special occasion. As you recite your wedding day vows, you may hear the distant cry of a red tailed hawk, or maybe the faint bellow of a mother cow calling for her newborn calf. A cool breeze blows, you kiss and your guests applaud.

Now you move to the old barn, where the tables are tastefully decorated with seasonal flora that is native to the area. Smoke bellows from the grill as Chef’s put the finishing touches on what may be the best meal that you have ever had. Your guests gather together, around the bar, around the fire pit, and around the lawn. All are in disbelief of the spectacular location that you have brought them. Memories of this special occasion are already beginning to burn into their minds.

Dinner is served! Friends and family gather under twinkle lights strung from the posts and beams that support 25’ ceilings in our one hundred year old tobacco barn and enjoy the perfect menu that you have chosen for them. Again, guests are wowed!

After dinner, you’ll move outside the barn where a live band takes the mood to the next level. At Claxton Farm, Moonrise is almost as impressive as Sunset, especially with a perfectly chosen song echoing through the background. Friends will toast the newlyweds, parents and family will tearfully tell of happy memories of each of you individually and as a young couple, all with advice that they feel will help you on your way to a new life together. The air is thick with unconditional love.

As the party winds down, the Milky Way faintly shines all the way across the sky. The remaining guests are there to see you on your way. Sparklers are glowing hot and line the drive, leading you to your distastefully decorated vehicle that will carry you away. With cheers and applause in the background, the newlyweds slowly drive away.

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